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In its effort to fight drug abuse and to prevent its heavy effects on individuals and society, Dubai Police chose Pepper to help them spread awareness on the issue, and what family and society at large can do to prevent it.

Pepper impersonates Amal, that means hope in Arabic, a young “humanoid volunteer” that joined Dubai Police to offer support and empathy, a unique “spokesrobot” that can appeal to adults and teenagers.

 The application that YAS Digital Media (Softec) has created in close collaboration with the Dubai Police psychologists contains useful information, grounded on a scientific basis and presented in an approachable way.

The challenge was to find a way to tweak the content depending on different events, locations, and audiences, often by different professional figures who may not have a technical background.

For this reason, the app is powered by Orchestra Robotics BMS, that allows modifying its content with an extremely easy and user-friendly interface.

Dubai Police awarded YAS Digital Media a special gift to thank YAS Digital Media for the outstanding service that was provided.