We plant a digital seed that will flourish into a center of excellence in Digital Media Industry and will establish a World Class Hub for the entrepreneurial and growth of innovative best practices in UAE.

Our History

YAS Digital Media is a joint venture between YAS Holding (formerly Emirates Advanced Investment Group) and FullSix Spa based in Abu Dhabi, an ideal field to stimulate the development of local competences with the contribution of the best world know-how and practices.

EAIG is a well established diversified company leader in developing new investment dimension in UAE through genuine business concepts, state of the art technologies and high quality products and services, which have identified in FullSix Spa the most suitable, experienced and international partner to build a strong synergy and the basis for a innovative Digital Transformation Company.

Our Services

Digital Experience
& Service design

We design digital experiences and solutions to assist companies in establishing a loyal and trustworthy relationship with their customers, supporting business and brand fidelity. A user-centered perspective with an important added value, intended to produce a new digital experience for users.

User research | Concept design | Interaction design | Graphic design | Data visualisation | Content strategy

Digital Strategy
& Communication

We create and evolve the identity and on-line presence of our customers, reinforcing their social dimension. We conceive significant digital experiences to engage users and build a relationship with the brand, in a multi-channel domain.

Digital Brand positioning | Engagement | Social Media Strategy | CONTENT PRODUCTION

Solution Building

We keep update and constantly develop our digital competences to meet the customers’ requests with tailor-made solutions and state-of-the-art technologies. We provide digital solutions with high added value to satisfy the expectations of the consumers, who, in a developing market, are always more prepared, aware, conscious and demanding towards the brand.

Technology strategy | application development | system integration | IT services | digital platforms

Data Management

Our integrated and multidisciplinary method has the purpose of enhancing the connection between the brand and the end user. For more than 20 years we have gathered, analyzed and processed the data of the most relevant innovations in the on-line environment to build new opportunities, develop custom solutions, and increase the reputation of our clients.

CRM solutions | Big Data | Analytics