Many innovative services to get the result you are looking for. For this reason, our Group employs only the best. We work closely with highly specialized companies to add value to the final product.
Here are the partners we work with.




SoftBanks Logo SoftBank Robotics
designs and produces kind and interactive humanoid robots.

They believe in a future where humanoid robots will assist humans in their day-to-day lives, in their family lives, in their leisure activities and in their work.

Their goal right from the beginning has been to make robots accessible to everyone, the aim being that they will become our daily companions.

Leader in the humanoid robotics market, they offer robots who assist professionals from the worlds of education, research, health, distribution and tourism, as well as helping families and private individuals.

YAS Digital Media is appointed by ALDEBRAN SoftBank Robotics as the sole, official partner for the promotion, distribution and sales of PEPPER robots in the GCC region.

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Positive Logo - English Bilingual - CMYKtwofour54
, home to Abu Dhabi’s media and entertainment industry, aims to cultivate Abu Dhabi’s media free zone and provide products and services to attract local, regional and international media businesses to the Emirate. Tasked with enabling a new generation of creative leaders and building Abu Dhabi as the Middle East’s leading hub for content creation, twofour54 provides world-class production facilities, talent development initiatives and training, and business support services for media companies.

Named after the geographical coordinates of Abu Dhabi, twofour54 is now home to more than 400 media companies – including Sky News Arabia, Image Nation, Ubisoft, CNN, Fox, Flash Entertainment, M&C Saatchi, and Flat6Labs – as well as a bi-lingual freelancer pool and a community of aspiring media talents.

twofour54 is operated under the ownership of Media Zone Authority–Abu Dhabi, a government entity. For more information, visit

varnishVarnish Software, a high profile international company based in Norway, has developed a scalable “web cache accelerator” designed to enhance web performance, both for high traffic sites such as e-commerce and publisher/broadcaster, as well as other web applications. Varnish Plus, the enterprise product, has additional features that allow customers to better manage their websites through use of tools such as the Varnish Admin Console and Varnish Custom Statistics, and to increase performance with other value-add features. Varnish Plus is capable of serving content, even protected, at high speeds while greatly reducing server load and increasing page download speeds 300 to 1000 times. FullTechnology is official “integrator partner” in Italy, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and North Africa.
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About Varnish Varnish Software is the company behind Varnish Cache, a widely trusted open source web accelerator, significantly enhancing web performance for businesses online. We power major sites across all industry types—for businesses such as Nikon, Transport for London and Vimeo as well as more than 1.8 million websites worldwide. Varnish Plus is our commercial suite, offering products for scalability, customization, monitoring and expert support services.

limelightLimelight is a top tier content delivery network (CDN) offering superior performance and high availability, featuring a massive network footprint, an object-based global file system that provides policy controlled cloud storage and replication, with powerful cloud-based software that enables organizations to deliver faster websites, more responsive web applications, the highest quality video for both on demand and live streaming, while operating at the scale needed to deliver software downloads and games updates to any device, mobile or fixed, anywhere in the world.
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